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Saturday, July 27, 2002
Sorry for not posting a warning (I'd intended to, but when you're packing up a three year old for a week of fun in the sun, some things fall by the wayside), but I was on vacation last week. I brought my iBook with me, but only so I could play DVDs for my son and the odd Fellini film for my wife and I after he'd fallen asleep (it was mostly Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, I'm afraid). For the record, we had a wonderful time, despite some poor weather. Surf, sand, and my son's infatuation with pirates, which seem to be his latest fixation. Sadly, I seem only to remember the myth-busting histories of pirates, so I'm going to reread Stevenson's Treasure Island (which was one of my favorite books growing up) and Captain Johnson's A General History of the Pyrates, which may have been written by Daniel Defoe, who's a bit of a hero of mine.

I'm totally out of it as far as current events go, and I'm not up to a post tonight, but regular -- well, what passes for regular here at Ideofact -- posting will resume tomorrow with Qutb 4. And to those who have emailed me -- I'll try to respond soon.